NestEgg Postcards


I’ve been working with NestEgg Builders for close to 8 years now and we’re always coming up with new ways to reach out to agents and help them make their business easier with fantastic back office support. Back in ’04  we created Earl E. Bird, a mascot for fiscal and smart financial planning. If you go to his site you’ll find a blog dedicated to educating the consumers on how to invest wising in the future. The concept is take the MetLife campaign with Snoopy and flip it on its ear. With a crazy cast of character we plan on changing the way the American Saver buys annuities for there retirement. After the break you can see the rest of characters created to accompany Earl on his journey.





Popephoenix is the moniker of William Pope. After learning my name is synonymous with art & design and many other illustrators have the same name. I came to the decision; in order to stand out in a crowd of artistic men named William Pope I had to assume a pen name. Popephoenix was born… or resurrected. Which ever is cooler in your head.

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