Learning to Paint 001

PopePaintPractice-0011There are many things that I excel at: Illustration, graphic design, making women laugh, playing StarCraft 2, being a good dad… The one thing that has always escaped me these many years has been my ability to paint. My skill in that is god awful. I’ve tried time and time again and I just get frustrated. So over the weekend. I bought a set of acrylic paints, brushes and a pad with the goal to do like I did with everything else… teach myself how to paint. Eventually I’ll take a class but for now I’ll just mess around and see what transpires. What do you think?




Popephoenix is the moniker of William Pope. After learning my name is synonymous with art & design and many other illustrators have the same name. I came to the decision; in order to stand out in a crowd of artistic men named William Pope I had to assume a pen name. Popephoenix was born… or resurrected. Which ever is cooler in your head.


  • December 3, 2011


    You obviously have problem with teaching yourself new skills. I’m sure painting will be just another obstical for you to conquer. Thanks for all of the inspiration & keep up the excellent work.

  • December 3, 2011


    You obviously have NO problem…

    I left out a very key word in my previous post. Darn this phone to heck!