Village Mondays

MonsterVillage by Popephoenix

Welcome back to the book of Debroga, my bi-weekly project into character creation. Every Monday is Village Mondays, where I add people, places and things from the village that resides in Debroga. This is one of the hunters and protectors of the town. Hit the jump to read more.

Like most villages, Debroga’s are rich with history and tradition. This particular village specializes in the hunting and tracking of monsters. This man is one of those people. Having survived years of battling monsters has taken its toll on him and is now very jaded when it comes to monsters and their ilk. The Blue serpent on his chest represents the village he’s from is a worn like a badge of courage. Each village is very proud of their heritage and will defend it to the end. Because of this great pride many wars have started through out the land over where one town starts and another begins.

Upon second viewing of this design with him being a warrior/hunter he should have been more battle worn and carried a stronger weapon. Maybe next week, I’ll draw another hunter who’s younger and more reckless.

  • Poetic Toe

    Pope is back and as amazing as ever! I’m proud of you!

  • Popephoenix

    Thanks. Its been a while but I’m glad to be back.