Monster Fridays – Week 2

Monster Fridays by Popephoenix for

First things first, YES, Pope just drew a wolf man. I know this and you know this let’s move forward. When drawing this week’s monster I went through a couple of phases and started landing on this form which I liked. I thought it looked cool so I just kept building on it. In the end I realized it was just another fricking wolfman. So there you have it. Rawr! How I got here after the jump…

If you didn’t know, here’s a little back ground on how I create these monsters. I don’t sketch these guys out in my book or photoshop. These are drawn completely in illustrator and built out of shape placement and clever use of the pathfinder tab. Once I see an idea building, I start formulating a plan and compounding on that idea. This one was basically me going “This looks like a wolf, freak that shit!” so yea… The next Monster Fridays will be completely original… mostly.

Also, another note, Village Mondays will be cancelled indefinitely, at first I thought it was cool but after the first one I realized I didn’t have that much fun doing it. So it’ll just be Monster Fridays from this point on. Hope you’re not too disappointed. See ya next week. Lots of posts next week.




Popephoenix is the moniker of William Pope. After learning my name is synonymous with art & design and many other illustrators have the same name. I came to the decision; in order to stand out in a crowd of artistic men named William Pope I had to assume a pen name. Popephoenix was born… or resurrected. Which ever is cooler in your head.

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