Monster Fridays week 1

Monster Fridays at

Welcome to the first of a series of characters designs called The Book of Debroga. I will post this series under the label: Monster Fridays and its sister post Village Mondays. Hence the subtitle MonsterVillage. There’s no rhyme or reason for this project other than to fuel my creative juices while I break into my next adventure.  Hit the jump to read a little bit more about this monstrosity!

So above you see serpent like monster very pokemon-esque, I would have to say its amphibious and spews water from its mouth. Its probably a herbivore that isn’t very aggressive even though it has the size and mass for that type of behavior. But if provoked it can be a strong fighter. Its a solitary creature that moves very loudly on land and silent in and out of the water. It can be playful but will take a long time to adjust to a human as a companion.

That does it for this weeks Monster Fridays, see you soon for Village Mondays.




Popephoenix is the moniker of William Pope. After learning my name is synonymous with art & design and many other illustrators have the same name. I came to the decision; in order to stand out in a crowd of artistic men named William Pope I had to assume a pen name. Popephoenix was born… or resurrected. Which ever is cooler in your head.

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